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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get paid?

We are paid commissions by insurance companies if you purchase a product through us, just like your home & auto insurance agent.  We do occasionally provide review & consultation on existing policies and other infrequent consultative services for an hourly fee.  But the vast majority of our work is provided at no cost to our clients.

How long does the process take?

On average the LTC planning process can take 1-6 months based upon the complexity of the planning, underwriting & records gathering, and time between each step.

How does the process work?

We provide custom-designed plans for everyone we work with.

We begin by having one or more discussions around your needs, circumstances, preferences, etc. to help determine the best options for you.

Next, we ask you to complete an internal form to review your health and financial info.  With that health info we get you confidentially, pre-qualified with our top-choice insurance companies.

We’ll then work with you to determine a plan that best meets your needs and circumstances.  We will help you apply for the coverage you want and will walk with you through the underwriting process.

Finally, we will make any adjustments necessary to your plan and then help you put your plan into place.

Can you work with my financial advisor, CPA, attorney, etc.?

Yes!  We love to work together with other professionals.

What if I live in another state?

While we are located in Virginia and Tennessee, we work with people all over the U.S.

What if I live outside the U.S.?

U.S. laws require you to be in the U.S. in order to purchase LTC insurance.  However, we can begin the planning process while someone is overseas, so long as they are in the U.S. to go through the application/underwriting process.

What other services do you provide?

We also provide assistance with filing claims, reviewing existing policies, and helping find caregiving resources.

Will my LTC insurance premiums increase over time?

It depends.  There are policies whose rates can (and mostly likely will) increase over time, and there are policies whose premiums are guaranteed not to increase.  We can help you determine what option is best for you.

What if I’ve been declined for LTC insurance before?

We have had success finding options for people who have previously been declined.  Sometimes financial professionals who are not LTC specialists encourage their clients to apply for coverage without going through the important confidential, pre-qualification process – which can protect their insurability.  This can lead to a decline, when another company might have been willing to offer you coverage. 

Bottom-line… while we can’t guarantee you coverage, we can help you find the best solutions available.

What if I move to another state?

Any LTC insurance policies we would help you purchase can be used in all 50 states even if you move after already receiving care.  Some policies include Canada and some even offer coverage internationally. 

Additionally, they will provide benefits for home care, assisted living, and nursing home facilities as well other possible care settings and options.



Other services we offer

Claims Assistance

We can walk you through the claims-filing process to make sure everything is done correctly the first time, giving you quicker access to benefits and avoiding costly mistakes.

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Policy Reviews

Do you have a policy that you purchased two years ago or maybe 20 years ago and don’t remember exactly what you purchased? Or maybe you don’t understand what a certain ‘term’ means. Contact us and we can assist you. We are educators. We want people to understand what they have purchased whether or not you worked with us in determining your needs.

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Caregiver Resources

Are you currently providing care for a loved one?  Send us a message.  We can help connect you with trusted resources and providers around the country.

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“As a result of their philosophy, I refer clients to them on a regular basis.”

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“Unquestionably at the top of their industry.”

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retired Lt. Col., U.S. Army

“The human touch really matters, and LTCC makes your needs their priorities!”

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Associate Vice President for Student Development, Univ of Richmond

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Schedule a consultation. This is an easy way to see if we're a good fit for you.
Create a unique plan that will work. We'll build something for your lifestyle and your goals.
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At Long Term Care Consultants we know you are the kind of person who wants to protect your loved ones from the burden of providing your care.  In order to do that you need a plan to know how your care is going to be funded and managed should you need it.  

The problem is the planning process can be frustrating and confusing.

We believe it shouldn’t have to be this way.  You and your loved ones deserve to feel confident about the future. 

We understand how confusing it is to plan for long-term care.

That’s why we developed an easy, done-with-you, consultative process – based upon our many years of experience – that can give you the very best options for your unique situation without you having to spend countless hours becoming a long-term care expert yourself.

Here’s how it works - schedule a free consultation, let us help you create a plan that will work for you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones will have the funds and expert support they’ll need, that you’ll be able to fulfill your other financial obligations, that your loved ones can maintain healthy relationships, that you’ll have more options for care, and your assets will be protected for others depending on them.

Schedule your free consultation so you can stop worrying about what might happen and start cherishing time with your loved ones.