“Perhaps you had just had the pleasure of meeting Linda for the first time, or perhaps this is your first introduction. You will be happy to hear that Linda is as genuine, caring, and sincere as she appears. 

Having known and worked with Linda over the past five years, she has been a steady source of comfort for her clients, but also a pleasure for my team to work with as well. We find so many insurance professionals to be focused on a transactional approach to running their businesses.

 In a relationship business, Linda truly does value the relationship first, and then works to find solutions that meet the needs of the client with her needs in the distant rear mirror. While it is important to have a business that flourishes and thrives in order to best serve the clients, she achieves that success through sharing her special gift for teaching to both consumers and other insurance professionals through Continuing Education classes.

 Linda has been involved in advisor training development with one of the most respected Long Term Care training organizations in the industry, an indication she is also well respected by her peers. If you’ve spent any extended time with Linda, you likely already understand that, and if not, hopefully you will soon enough.

 I just wanted to share a few thoughts to help you sift through the noise so you too can hear the sweet sounds of someone caring about you.”



David Hillelsohn

Brokerage Manager