“Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Long-Term Care consultant Linda Caruthers speak about long-term care.  She delved deeply on all facets of long-term care…from benefits for which these policies are best known to the much lesser known benefits and how to best utilize policies.  Honestly, I was surprised by the myriad of benefits that I had overlooked in our policies that can be used on a timetable that is conducive with needs and planning.  She helped me focus on the importance of including LTC in my personal strategic plan and goals. 

She also addressed many stress-saving attributes, such as notifying the appropriate people, such as legal counselors, etc., about policies, POA documents, etc., rather than waiting until filing a claim at a time when stress is already elevated.

I have engaged many consultants over time to help me plan for various benefits and services during my lifetime.  I can say that Linda is at the very top of that list.  Not only is she the most thoroughly knowledgeable person on the LTC topic but she has her client’s interest at the forefront.  She asks deep questions and listens actively for any triggering comments that would help her offer the most accurate and best advice. 

I consider myself to be most fortunate to have met Linda Carurthers.  She is a valuable resource to be included in a family’s overall health and wealth planning.”

Patricia Gallagher

Senior Vice President